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Lottie Animation

Lightweight animated graphics format

To counter the challenge presented by the traditional system, which presented a problem in the shape of balancing the use of-quality graphics against the cost of storing, transporting and rendering them. Therefore, we aim to effectively use Lottie animation to solve this problem with the utilization and provision of lightweight animated graphics.  

Dynamic Features and Less Space

Lottie animation will be fully and efficiently utilized and applied by Transviti to ensure that your application takes up less space and is more robust including a multitude of dynamic features.  

Shipping Animation

Lottie animation leverages the JSON feature which makes room for the shipment of animations on any platform with a bunch and a wide variety of advantages and benefits that existing formats fail to offer.  

Animation services

Animated Icons

Animation will be provided in following formats.

Animated Logos

Animation will be provided in following formats.

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