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Motion Design

Understanding motion design

Motion design is increasingly important in today’s digital technologies. It applies the principle of graphic designing to filmmaking and video production through the use of animation and visual effects. We specialize in the creation of motion designs including both 2D animations and 3D animations offering explanatory videos, business presentations and logo designs. Whether you are offering a service or a product, we have you completely covered, marketing your product or service through innovative and creative animations that will surely capture the attention of your target market.

Benefits of 2D animations

Capture the attention of your audience

Increase traffic onto your website

We aim to create and generate animations which will reach your target audience and will keep them attentive and informed of what you are able to offer them. We want to create eye-catching, unique videos which showcase interesting content, so that your audience is intrigued, enticed and drawn to your product or service. ​

By the generation of 2d animations and capturing or motivating your target audience, we hope to increase your company’s Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, traffic onto your website will increase so your product or service’s outreach will be enhanced. So, we hope to make you visible online, by driving more traffic onto your site.

Increase communication and engagement

2D animation is known to cause the stimulation of the brain through its array of different voices, tones, storylines, text, and images. Such a stimulation captures the interest of the user and allows them to gain an insight into the product or service. Therefore, the essence of your product is understood more completely and fully by your consumers, allowing them to be able to gain a deeper engagement level and allow for your product or service to be more memorable.

2D Animations

How do we create your 2D animations?

At Transviti we have a team of professionals, who are skilled and proficient in creating a 2D animation video which may be explanatory, a logo animation one, or even help present a business.

We make use of a 2D animation process which is slightly complex and complicated, and we ensure that we put in an ample amount of our time and energy to meet your needs or requirements. The main steps we take make a 2D animation include: Storyboard, Animation, Sound Effects, compositing and Rendering.




Creation of a well-crafted storyboard

Visual Creation and Development



Lights Camera & Layout

Creating an Appropriate Layout


Creation of your Final Render


Step 1: Creation of a well-crafted storyboard

In the very first stage our team works to create and pen down a script of the animation and create rough sketches of the scene. After this, the script is timed in accordance with each drawing to create one complete scene. This stage almost resembles to a comic book illustration, with each drawing being one panel and the dialogue written next to it.

Step 2: Drafting and composing of an appropriate audio

We recruit people who are fit for doing the voiceovers, and they take the script and record each dialogue line. This includes everything which fits into your script, and the characters may speak words or try to imitate a specific sound. After the voiceover, an animatic is formed, in this stage the voiceover is timed to the storyboard to create a rough scene for the animator.

Step 3: Visual Creation and Development

Each character or object within the animated series is designed, planned, and detailed by the animators through a model sheet. To create each shot, our animators painstakingly create each character in different proportions, poses, angles and variations. The result from this is the final character design that is cast in the animation.

Step 4: Creating an Appropriate Layout

Our background artists then choose which camera angles, lighting, and shading are most appropriate for each scene. This takes place while the character artists choose the poses and the designs that are fitting for each scene. The characters, objects or logos are then composed in the relevant variations. These drawings are combined with the storyboard and audio to create an Animation.

Step 5: Creation of your final animation

After ensuring that there are no errors and appropriate backgrounds are available each drawing is transferred from paper onto a cell. The drawing is traced to the cell, and the frame is colored. This is done for each frame continuously in an animation. We then place the colored cell onto the background, and it is then photographed into a film reel.

Understanding 3D animation

3D animation is when computer generated objects appear to move through three-dimensional space. In 3D animation, objects can be moved, and rotated following the same principles that would apply to real life settings. Computer animation makes use of 3D computer graphics to create two dimensional moving pictures that appears to showcase or have three dimensions. It is the art of using motion to bring characters, vehicles, props, signs, logos and more to life in TV advertisements, and on computer websites. Therefore, we can help your brand grow by generating three-dimensional moving images onto a digital environment.

3D Animation Services

What is the process we undertake to ensure that you receive your desired output?

We assure and ensure that you receive distinguishing and remarkable 3D animation services from our highly professional, experienced and proficient team members. We aim to encapsulate aesthetic designs and well-designed 3D animations every single time. Our process is complex, and each stage is carefully undertaken from concept designing to storyboarding, texturing, modelling, rendering, lighting and final compositing. We undertake all the steps carefully:

3D Animation Process


Conceptualizing & Creating Story Board

Creating 3D Models

Texturing, Rigging & Animation

Lightining & Setting Up Cameras

Applying Special Effects

Music, Foley & Editing

Compositing & Final Rendering

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