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Linkedin Management

LinkedIn advertising has several unique advantages and benefits that will yield very desirable results allowing your company to earn success, flourish and grow.

Whatever your marketing and advertising objectives might be, LinkedIn can prove to be the most efficient and effective platform to help you achieve them.

Why should you invest your time, energy and money into LinkedIn advertising and marketing?

If you are looking to develop a comprehensive and effective social media marketing strategy then linkedin advertising is a key area which your company needs to focus on

Reach and be seen by a more professional and serious audience

The most obvious and apparent difference between LinkedIn and other platforms on social media is the type of audience that is present on it. The users on the platform are more educated, have a higher income and are older than those on other networks

So if you look at and analyze the complete data available to you, you will be dealing with businessmen and professionals who are in their early 30s and have graduated while earning a good income, around 75000 dollars per year. This demographic can suit some businesses’ needs very adequately, especially those that are offering serious services.

Therefore, if your main target audience is educated professionals, LinkedIn seems to be the most appropriate platform for you to advertise and market yourself on.

Linkedin Management Agency
Linkedin Marketing Agency

Allows you to narrow your targeting through industry-specific variables

It is no surprise rather it is a known fact that your marketing or advertising success depends on your ability to reach your target and desirable audience. LinkedIn has industry specific variables, that helps you gain standard demographic information and your LinkedIn advertising ensures that your target and your ads reach the desired or appropriate audience based on numerous factors which are taken into consideration such as their job title, job function, seniority, skill, industry and degree type or name.

Therefore, through such targeting opportunities LinkedIn advertising promises the potential to target business customers. Even consumer-based products and services can view the advantages of the opportunities provided by LinkedIn’s narrow targeting.

Gives you the opportunity to
increase your conversion rates

Linkedin Marketing Agency

Our LinkedIn advertising agency hopes to apply the platform in a correct and appropriate manner to enhance, improve and increase your conversion rates. Research conducted helped to identify that LinkedIn ads help to convert users to lead at a conversion rate of 6.1 percent.

Allows you to leverage lead-nurturing possibilities

LinkedIn ads work with your leads to completely and properly nurture them so as to get the best results and make optimal usage out of them. 

Effective and proper nurturing is important as without it you are unable to convince customers and clients as to why you are the best choice for them.

LinkedIn has a lead accelerator feature that allows you to track your most high-value prospects and offer more targeted ads directed towards them. We will work to remarket you to your recent web visitors and use list-based advertising to ensure that you are better able to nurture your leads and aim to convert them into customers.

What we are able to offer you?

Linkedin Management

To build a comprehensive brand image on LinkedIn with a clear advertising and marketing strategy that will encompass these basic steps:

  1. Create and curate a company or brand page on LinkedIn.
  2. Create and sign into a campaign manager account which is connected or linked to your company page.
  3. Choose an appropriate ad format, from sponsoring existing content to the above-mentioned sponsored InMail.
  4. Create and curate individual ads, ideally visual and in multiple variations to test for success.
  5. Choose your preferred and approved ad targeting, and setting your budget.

Launch your campaign.

After we have launched your campaign, we will use your campaign manager account to monitor and measure the success of your ads, and make the necessary adjustments or modifications.

How our LinkedIn advertising agency
works and what it has to offer

Creation of a well-formulated LinkedIn ad strategy

A well-formulated and comprehensive plan is deeply important and imperative to ensure good results. We monitor and analyze your current social media landscape and determine or gauge where your opportunities for improvement are. Therefore, our LinkedIn advertising agency works with you to determine which buyer personas we should zoom in on, and create a strategy that targets decision-makers.

Integrated Analytics

Our LinkedIn advertising agency integrates LinkedIn marketing with your other advertising platforms, and Google Analytics, to provide you with a deeper and clearer insight into your visitor behavior. Every month we provide a detailed report that includes our analysis as to what was successful and what was not, and how to improve it strategically.

Content Creation

LinkedIn is a large platform which has grown increasingly as a content platform and will continue to grow. Our LinkedIn advertising agency works with you in all spheres of content creation, including the identification of topics based on current industry trends, writing, composing, and editing the content, and even publishing it for you. We also write and compose LinkedIn articles as well as long-form content that can be used for offers that you share across all other platforms.

Sponsored Content

LinkedIn has a vast number of advertising choices available, but we focus our efforts on those that have the most promising results – Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content. Our LinkedIn advertising agency uses LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities, we set up ad campaigns that get you in front of potential customers with a preciseness that is unmatched. We have capable professionals – who are very granular at determining which business demographics and LinkedIn groups to target.

Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn has the feature of sending personalized email messages to your target audience through Sponsored InMail. This is a great way to increase signups for upcoming events or promote content assets to prospects. This increases the click-through rates and drives conversions. Our LinkedIn advertising agency has a content marketing team that composes engaging emails that capture your audience’s attention.

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